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Proclamation from Editor’s Catchphrase Counter

Proclamation from Editor’s Catchphrase Counter Rocket Science for a Technological user in 2020: A Tip and a Clue

Rocket Science for a Technological user in 2020:A Tip and a Clue

2020 as whole year and January as a month is no doubt a big year/month for Cybernomics not because it is gigantic for all the people on the planet but to enter into season two with its new volume. CYBERNOMICS has recognized itself as a must-read title with key figures in Cyber and upcoming burgeoning term which includes block chain, IoT, big data analytics, machine/deep learning, cloud computing and other upcoming technology which work as an enabler in bringing change in society, government, journalism, policy making and business with its niche approach. People turn to CYBERNOMICS not for the reason that the new trends, but for the ideas and proclivity behind the headlines and for a contrarian view of topics, its profundity sets it spaced out. Each issue brings considerately the sharpest minds on the events and ideas that characterize the modern world. What results is an entertaining, edifying and open-minded magazine that mixes compelling quarrel and clear-headed psychotherapy with elegance and vitality in design. With this issue, the CYBERNOMICS the official publication of the Scholastic Seed Inc. Periodical mentor and e-publishing aggregator and begins its 2nd year. Our new magazine received a very good response from the academic community and corporate world which consist of galaxy of technocrats some are experienced and a few are grass root technocrats who just completed their technical study and people from the cyber world. The magazine is now planning to be indexed in upcoming academic directories in the world with an intention not merely a magazine but one step ahead to that “Knowledge Machine”. To make this available Scholastic Seed Inc. has made this magazine open access and peer-reviewed so that readers and writers would feel its academic excellence and get it cited and know their readers footfall vis-à-vis an article published in Cybernomics. The new think tank created by the editorial team with a purpose to bring together think tank group under the ambit of Scholastic Seed Inc. known as “Cybernomics Think-Tank Brigade” abbreviated as CTTB which is a combination of technological student from various institutions and editorial team of Cybernomics. The role of CTTB is to involve student in technological projects, participate in Cybernomics Conference scheduled and create innovation and startup and brainstorming. The name of those scholar will be acknowledged in a forthcoming issue gradually in due course and would also involve in cross border learning at later stage. Keeping in mind we had dedicatedly reviewed and incorporate ample number of freelancers and proofreader to make content academically and socially enrich, these freelancers are in touch with all the writers on on-to-one basis and finally put our comment on a paper /article to make it more scholastic augmented. This new innovation will provide roof and platform to researchers, academicians, professionals, and students in all areas of Cyber sciences to share their research achievements, perspectives, and practical experiences.

The rationale behind writing a note on behalf of an editor bench on this meticulous subject matter “ Rocket science for a technological user in 2020: A tip and a clue” is well designed and premeditated for this fastidious issue (Volume-2 No.-1 January 2020) due to advent of technology in all the phase. In entirety we had acknowledged twelve articles in various capacities with blended approach and demonstration. The earliest and major articles categorization Experimental Research Paper (ERP)and talks about “Leveraging Machine Learning in the Age of Information” and we have another “Industry 4.0: Role ofCyber Security and Blockchain”. Next three articles nomenclature is Argument Based Credential(ABC) and is entitled as “SCM: An approach to Data Warehousing with Machine Learning”, “Neuromarketing and InformationTechnology” and “Juice Jacking - A type of Cyber-attack”. The third Category is Case Study (CS) entitled “Machine Learning withIOT”. The fourth segregation is Scrutiny Tip (ST) consist of two articles authorized as “Democratization of Technologies ”, and “Blockchain can change the way we vote ”. The fifth category is View Point (VP) entitled “Blockchain the future of Data Warehouse”,“Cryptography: A Never-Ending Technology”,“Evolution of Mobile Payment: Ancient to Present ” and “Artificial Intelligence: A Helping Hand in National Security”

We had also created some more innovative thoughts in this particular issue which is a revolution and creation of editorial office such as Book Review, Award, and Biographical note of a Luminary in an area of cyber. We had also used some more filler which can unquestionably work as teasers such as Cyber Thought, Cyber Journal, Cyber Books, Do You know (DYN) and other trends and changes occurred in the cyber world. These heads are supposed to be placed in between or at the end of articles for the reader with an intention to make the reader an agile and aware about the contemporary trends going on in the cyber world. There are certain prefixes which would be common in all the heads

With the publication of this present 2nd volume of CYBERNOMICS, as the magazine which is not just a periodical but rather a peer review bulletin which has successfully completed its first-year production cycle with great accomplishment. In totality, we have published 50 reviews of reviewers w.r.t. particular article linked with 50 scholarly magazine articles covering the range of cyber topics related to all streams. At an executive editor capacity when we initiated this particular magazine Cybernomics, the editorial team, the publisher, Scholastic Seed Inc., and Its Academic content mentor KA-Research Academic Management Society a 12 year old non-profit research company had only one target in mind to produce a high quality magazine in the cyber field that our peers and readers will be proud of. As the editor and together with my fellow editors and other editorial staff, we are happy to report that we have achieved our first milestone. The excerpt of the same is mentioned below with an snapshot which gives a footfall and citation our article have across the board

There are certain tips which can work as rocket science for the overall community including individual and organization

• Employees must be made assured that AI won’t replace them but they need to able to work together with the

new upcoming technologies like Machine Learning IoT and Blockchain, then only they will be able to be successful.

•Machine Learning provides smart alternatives to analyzing vast volumes of data. By developing fast and efficient algorithms and data-driven models for real-time processing of data, Machine Learning can produceaccurate results and analysis.

•Knowingly or unknowingly Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is being used in our everyday lives amazingly; be it reading emails, getting driving directions or getting movie and music recommendations

•Artificial Intelligence is used by the car manufacturers across the world in every façade of the car manufacturing process; even robots can be seen putting initial nuts and bolts of a vehicle. So it can be said that AI is not only modifying the cars but also the manufacturers

For a long survival, businesses should welcome the latest technologies quickly. Central to this will be a new generation of Contemporary technology. Fortunately, we’re on the cusp of a true AI revolution. AI-powered autonomous databases are becoming far more responsive to inputs, changing rules autonomously in reaction to real-time user feedback. Operations won’t need to be stopped to rewrite the rulebook – the rules will acclimatize to meet the needs of the game.

Change is not at One Place but It is Holistic in Nature

For the year 2020, we are planning to add new sections to the magazine over and above the themes like, Quiz, Commentary, and Mini-review, DYN, Foundation/trust/ Society in Cyber. The editorial board members of the CYBERNOMICS encourage authors to submit their manuscripts for peer reviewing if they contemplate that their articles fall under one of these categories. Authors should put the remark with “the category name” in the field labeled “author comments” during submission. This is of course, in addition to other standard sections of the journal as original articles, review articles, systematic reviews, and meta analyses, short communications, case reports, editorials, and letters to editor.On behalf of the Editorial Board, I would like to thank our contributors and reviewers for their efforts and hope our readers continue to find useful and interesting information in the CYBERNOMICS magazine. I encourage all our readers to consider submitting to the magazine, and we would be delighted to review your manuscript. Our efforts to improve and expand the journal will be greatly assisted by additional submissions.We are creating a gamut of people from the basket of writers who had contributed in

To end, we are definite that the CYBERNOMICS will deliver top-quality articles that will endure to benefit everybody interested in technology and cyber sciences. We hope that the CYBERNOMICS will endure to

be a significant conduit for scientific information on a regional and a very comprehensive international level. Please support us grow by citing articles that you read in CYBERNOMICS. We look forward to receiving your contributions in the near future.

I am thankful to have worked with such an enormous squad of contributors. It was an honor to incarcerate their

thoughts and schematize them for the readers. I would like to acknowledge all the contributing authors for their

submissions. They are the accurate and marvelous who have given us their know-how first handily, their name

and their conviction on these particular write-ups. They ought to have credit for the success of the magazine


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