New Dimensions in Industry 4.0 (IoS: Internet of Skills)

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New Dimensions in Industry 4.0 (IoS: Internet of Skills)

Argument Based Credentials Volume - 2 Issue - 2 e-ISSn2582-5755

Internet from decades generation first Web 1.0 to 3.0 to present regularly taking a new Revolutionary shape on daily basis Technologies becoming a part of human life or other words if we say life is a technology driven today, it will be a perfect suited line for today’s world. We have come across so many technological Revolution so far, like Internet of Things (IoT), Internet with Artificial Intelligence of Things this series next are IoS (Internet of Skills). As we are aware IoT has already penetrated in deployment states in various stages. Billions of devices are getting connected with the internet. Industry 4.0 revolutionised manufacturing in every way.


•Industry 4.0






Not only manufacturing all supply chains and every step taking a new shape and redefining the industrial process becoming more and more automated. Industrial Revolution 4.0 or industry 4.0 industrial local area network very soon will change the entire world. This internet will be a very Ultra low latency base and 5G Tactile internet for wireless domain Concept of internet of skills based upon suppose.

Concept of the internet of skills is based upon suppose you want to learn physical experience from a distance and that is far away from our place. So IoS will provide the revolutionise technique for operational services manufacturing abilities and will make a world where we can have a great platform for experience across the Global boundaries, internet of skills required zero tactile internet to adopt the IoS we also required to add or adopt the cross boundary technologies for appearance like Data science, Tactile Internet, etc.


In a nutshell suppose i want to draw a painting but i am not an expert of this then what next this problem can be sold by the hepatic communication that is a respective off location in real time the creating the feel of touch by applying motion design trick making skin into the thinking use of muscles memory text expert is like we are communicating through virtual world.

Second example we can have with in to perform remote surgery, in this case precision with high degree of accuracy is must this may be achieved by IoS. Suppose any patient require surgery at one place but expertise available at far far place then with the help of Internet of Skills this can be done perfectly. (By sharing knowledge/ emotions over the internet).

For the internet of skills major Tech Technologies need to be adopted for the evolution and revolution of existing internet.

•5G base Ultra low latency network

•Artificial intelligence at every corner Standardized haptic Codecs

• IEEE 19 18.1 working group.

All the Above three technologies will be integrated through the CPS (Cyber Physical System) and will use the techniques of real time feedback to improve the experiences in a real time manner.

Three main Components of IoS:

Audio Systems---High Quality

Visual Components---Virtual Reality equipment/Devices

Touch Technology---Wearable

Devices (Like watches/Gloves, etc.)

(Send Emotions, Skills over Internet)











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