Future of Technology

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Future of Technology

Column Volume - 2 Issue - 2 e-ISSN2582-5755 February 2020

The way we interact with our devices determines the bandwidth of the information that is exchanged between us, the user and our device.

We are interacting with our smartphones using our thumbs, that is a very big bottleneck since there’s only so much information that can be transferred using thumbs. The text inputs are slower and pointing at different UI element can be cumbersome if they are not ergonomically positioned.Eliminating this bottleneck can be one of the most revolutionary changes between the interface between humans and machines.






We have tried other methods to communicate better with our devices, like voice control and air gestures but those have just been marketing gimmicks or accessibility features rather than an actual improvement in the speed of data transfer.

One of the ways in which we see our efforts being directed in is moving the point of transfer from thumbs to the brain, the speed of our thoughts far supersedes the speed of our thumbs. The computational power of the machines has risen exponentially but the same can not be said about humans. We still run 100m in about 9 seconds so many years later. Connecting the brain to silicon might be a way to organically improve the p h y s i o l o g i c a l structure of ourbodies too since we already see people with higher intelligence, which is commonly referred to as being analogous to having a faster processor, results in people having faster reflexes and other health benefits aside from logic and reasoning.

A connection between silicon and flesh might be able to reduce that competence gap induced by difference in IQs and hence normalise the intelligence distribution which solves various socio-cultural problems like economic inequality.

The future of technology being focused around development of this kind of interface is highly plausible and will bring several other benefits aside from being able to do a Web search without reaching for our phones.

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