Democratization of Technologies

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Democratization of Technologies

Democratization of Technologies(The Path to More Democracy is the path of Data Democracy) – Nitin Garg AGM (IT), ALTTC, Ghaziabad – Nidhi Garg Astt. Professor (CS&IT), RKGITM College of Engineering and Technology, Ghaziabad

Article History

Paper Nomenclature:Scrutiny Tip (ST)

Paper Code:CYBNMV2N1JAN2020ST1

Submission Online:05-Jan-2020

Manuscript Acknowledged:06-Jan-2020

Originality Check:09-Jan-2020

Originality Test Ratio:14% (Urkund)

Peer Reviewers Comment:15-Jan-2020

Blind Reviewers Remarks:18-Jan-2020

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Editorial Board Citation:31-Jan-2020

Published Online First:31-Mar-2020




•Artificial Intelligence


•Data Aggregation


Artificial Intelligence is playing and vital pivot in every area of human life democratic nation of technologies means technology should be affordable easy to access for everyone and should be available to anyone or everyone on event triggering without having a much financial involvement or simply means financial affordable to everyone democratization of technologies mainly intensify in following four main areas:

•Application development for advancement of application

•Data aggregation and analytics

•Design of architectural model

•Awareness of Technologies and Implementations

Knowledge to use the technologies without having too much knowledge it also refers to people’s access that means in every aspects technology should always be available for every citizen of people the best example of technological democratization is data scientist can directly built up a model without going in data validation of the research model of data source or as whatever data directly gathered by AI in simple terms of globalisation.

Development of model and more technological adoption is only and only possible through technological democratization in every way of technologies like IoT deployment, Artificial Intelligence or Industry 4.0.

As per Gartner top 10 technological trends for 2020 Technology Democratisation is an essential part of today’s modern world and very soon it will be very crucial and consideration for any technological model adoption and deployment.

Reviewers Comment

Review 1:By the fresh scrutiny of companies such as Facebook, Google and others with regard to how our personal information is secured. in current scenario it is one of the big task.

Review 2:Enhanced access to particular information and tools has been related with an increase in the “do it physically” (DIY) trend.[16] This has also been associated with consumerization, whereby individual or confidentially.

Review 3:Nowadays; The Internet has played a serious role in current life as a archetypal feature of most Western households, and has been key in the democratization of knowledge. It not only constitutes arguably the greatest critical novelty in this trend thus far; it has also allowed users to gain knowledge of and admission to other technologies.

Editorial Excerpt

This article has 14% plagiarism which is accepted as per the standards of publication for The comments related to this manuscript are noticeable related to the theme “ Democratization of Technologies” both subject-wise and research- wise. According to Wikipedia Democratization of technology refers to the process by which access to technology rapidly continues to become more accessible to more people. New technologies and improved user experiences have empowered those outside of the technical industry to access and use technological products and services. The author had covered all the facts & point in the current scenario after taking review from many reviewers it is decided to mark under “Scrutiny Tip”category.


Author is highly indebted to Scholastic Seed Inc& editorial team of Cybernomics, For making the write-up in the shape of an article.


All views expressed in this paper are my/our own. Some of the content is taken from open source websites & some are copyright free for the purpose of disseminating knowledge. Those some We/I had mentioned above in the references section and acknowledged/ cited as when and where required. The author/s has cited their joint own work mostly, Tables/Data from other referenced sources in this particular paper with the narrative & endorsement has been presented within quotes and reference at the bottom of the article accordingly & appropriately. Finally some of the contents which are taken or overlapped from open source websites for the knowledge purpose. Those some of i/we had mentioned above in the references section


Nitin Garg & Nidhi Garg

“Democratization of Technologies

(The Path to More Democracy is the path

of Data Democracy)”

Volume-2, Issue-1, Jan 2020.


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