Artificial Intelligence: A Helping Hand in National Security

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Artificial Intelligence: A Helping Hand in National Security

Artificial Intelligence: A Helping Hand in National Security – Aamna Shahab Bachelor of Computer Applications, (BCA) 6th semester, Amity University (AIIT), noida Twitter - @Iamaamna

A rtificial Intelligence (A.I) is the hot topic for all tech savvy’s these days but many are still unaware that how A.I is helping in increasing the cybersecurity.





•National Security



For many, the concept of A.I is unclear. Through a survey, it was seen that when 1700 senior business leaders in the U.S at the point when the information was asked about AI, just 16% said they knew about it. The effect of AI on their particular companies was unknown to them, despite the lack of familiarity this technology is transforming every single person’s life. It is a tool which is wide-ranging also, enables how we to dissect information and utilize the subsequent bits of knowledge to improve basic leadership. It is as of now changing the world in ways which people are unaware about.

To maximize AI benefits, we must look at the following chart.

What is AI and the Dangers Associated with it?

AI refers to “machines that respond to stimulation consistent with traditional responses from humans, given the human capacity for contemplation, judgment and intention.” [1] The dangers with digital security aren’t simply money related, even though that aspect can be destroying. We’ve all heard the tales of significant retailers and card organizations getting hacked for taken account numbers and private data.

How is AI Influencial?

As AI will influence the pace of warfare, the multiplication of cyberattacks just as polymorphic malware will challenge even the most advanced signature- based cybersecurity. Driving huge improvement to existing protections on digital data.Significant frameworks are relocating progressively and will move to a layered methodology of cybersecuritywith cloud-based psychological AI stages. This will play a guarded mechanism through the preparation of known dangers. Counting DNA-level analysis of obscure code, with the probability of perceiving vindictive action and in this manner halting it. Some U.S based frameworks quit crippling “Petya” and “WannaCry” viruses through this methodology. Safeguarding basic digital systems must turn into a high need since Russia, North Korea, China and so forth are placing essential assets into AI.

Conclusion and Future Scope

The world is on the precarious edge of redesigning numerous parts through AI, yet the manner in which these frameworks are created should be better perceived because of the significant inclusions these advancements will have for society in general. It implies how the issues are examined, how legitimate truths are settled and how much smoothness is there in the AI data-analysis solutions. They should be better comprehended on the grounds that they have an impact on people in general and for what’s to come. It might be an upheaval in human exercises and become single most noticeable human advancement in history.

Reviewers Comment

Review 1: Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that aims to create intelligent machines. It has become an essential part of the technology industry.

Review 2: In current scenario we have many leading face recognition software’s EXP:-: Amazon Recognition, Face Detection by Lambda Labs, Microsoft Face API, Google Cloud Vision and IBM Watson Visual Recognition, among others.

Review 3: Amazon has also Discover the face recognition. It offers “Rekognition” - a facial recognition tool that has been used to spot criminals. According to NCRB, the Automated Facial Recognition System (AFRS) to be implemented that would help in automatic identification and verification of persons from digital images.

Editorial Excerpt

This Article has 8% plagiarism, which is accepted as per the norms and standards of publication for the magazine. The comments related to this manuscript are noticeable related to the theme “ Artificial Intelligence in the Current Scenario” both subject-wise and research. It is an area of computer science that emphasizes the creation of intelligent machines that work and reacts like humans. It properly analyse the Speech recognition, Learning, Planning, Problem solving. All the editorial board and reviewers’ suggestions had been incorporated in the

article and the manuscript had been earmarked and finalised to be Published under “ View Point (VP)” Category


A special thanks to my parents (Mrs. Hera Shahab & Mr. Ansar Shahab) and all faculty mentors who have always supported me, I’m thankful to Dr. Himanshu Gupta who taught me concepts of cyber security with great examples. Special thanks to Ms. Rajbala Simon for motivating and giving me an opportunity to write the article “ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: A HELPING HAND IN NATIONAL SECURITY” for Cybernomics”. Disclaimer All views expressed in this paper are my/our own. Some of the content is taken from open source websites & some are copyright free for the purpose of disseminating knowledge. Those some We/I had mentioned above in the references section and acknowledged/ cited as when and where required. The author/s has cited their joint own work mostly, Tables/Data from other referenced sources in this particular paper with the narrative & endorsement has been presented within quotes and reference at the bottom of the article accordingly & appropriately. Finally some of the contents which are taken or overlapped


Aamna Shahab

“Artificial Intelligence:

A Helping Hand In National Security”

Volume-2, Issue-1, Jan 2020.

( open source websites for the knowledge purpose. Those some of i/we had mentioned above in the references section.

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